We know a lot about hunter gatherer societies. Europeans and Americans who could write observed them and wrote down what they saw. Near where I live in SW Pennsylvania there were the Indians of many tribes like the Lenape and the Shawnee during the European encroachment in the 18th Century. Everyone in the area was subject to the rule of the mighty Irogouis Confederation who considered this their hunting grounds. How did they live? If you were a man, it was absolutely fantastic. If you were a man you hunted, fished, canoed, did the religious practices, traded, engaged in politics, trained the boys to be warriors, and made war on all and sundry. The women did the rest. If you needed a woman or two to do the rest, you got together with your mates and raided the village of another tribe and took some. Of course the braves in that village wouldn't like that, so you might have to kill some of them, and of course they would be doing the same thing to you. The men were "braves" or warriors, so war was pretty much continuous. The most notable men in their communities were the biggest badasses who had counted the most coup. Might made right. They had issues with the white man because even though they had incredible weapons, they just wanted to settle down and make a lot of money instead of being at war all the time. So boring.

Is that socialism? Sounds kinda neat, at least if you are a guy.

Free as I can be.