There are places in the world where the grasp on civilization is already pretty tenuous, and always has been. Civilizations may rise and fall, but they don't all do it together, do they? it's a big world, and things are connected but not so connected that others can't be kept out of some parts of it, if that's what the people living there really want.

The idea that civilization is falling apart right now is pretty silly. The electricity is on and the supermarket is open. You have to wear a mask in the museum and library, but they are still there. I live in a city, and I'm trying to decide which of 40 or so restaurants I should stop at on the way to the club to see a couple of bands tonight. I've been to Vegas and NYC over the last year and they are working fine. Get away from the screen and see what's going on IRL. You're scaring yourself for no good reason.


Free as I can be.

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