Of course the solution here is the obvious one, which is changing "systems". Sure let's change what 300 million people are doing every day based on an untested theory or two, and by the way we won't be doing it at gunpoint. No problemo though, right? People want to change systems and structures because changing actual people is so damned hard. The hardest person in the World to change is that person you see in the mirror. Most people are stuck in whatever it is they are stuck in, unless they take the risk AND DO THE WORK to get out of it. Some new system ain't comin' to save you baby. You and the other people around you now are all you've got.

I can tell you this, people that don't like to work ain't gonna do a f'ing thing for anybody else. I have known some trust fund babies that didn't work or dabbled in something or other, and they were widely detested by everyone. They were cheap and selfish. They weren't happy, and some of them came to a bad end.


Free as I can be.

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