I was a high school teacher for many years and I never oppressed anyone, and in fact I busted my ass to help my students. Further, while I was a student in college I was never oppressed by one of my teachers, and I was paying money to attend their classes. I was a little older than most of my classmates so I considered the instructors peers that were providing me with a service. You can’t fit personal or professional relationships into some kind of rigid social structure unless you believe in caste or are living in some obscure theory, since every single relationship is different, just like the people. I have agency in everything I do, so all of my relationships are voluntary and are conducted in the way I wish or I walk away. If someone gets in a position to oppress me, they better watch their back. If you consider yourself an equal, or dare I say better than others, no one can oppress you. My friend, victims are sad. Who wants to be one?


Free as I can be.

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